Clay Art Center Knows Kilns!

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They are top-notch in product, service, and prices. I have been to other pottery supply stores in the northwest and in other areas. Clay Art is more than head and shoulders above them. Clay Art has everything I need and it is organized. Whether I am there in person, or long-distance (I live 5 hours away) calling on the phone, they take the time to educate me and answer my questions patiently.

Their integrity is high: they don't try to sell me the most expensive thing; they find out my needs and sell me the right thing -- or suggest something I already have that would work. Their crew are excellent.

I wish all stores, ceramic supply or otherwise, would offer such a great balance of product, service and prices.

Karen K. Sisters, OR

Buying a Kiln From Clay Art Center

We know that a kiln is a major investment in your art.
We want to help you get exactly the kiln configuration that is perfect for you.

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