Terra Sigillata

Terra Sigillata (or Terra Sig) literally means “Earth Seal”; is a slip containing very fine particles. It is created by a process of separation. We grind specially selected clays using a ball mill and water until the particles are extremely small. Deflocculant is added and the mixture is allowed to settle for up to 48 hours. The fluid left on top after settling is the terra sigillata. Longer settling will yield a finer, higher quality product.

After application simple polishing with your hands or a soft cloth will shine the surface to a high gloss. This smooth surface is ideal for decoration, especially with smoke firing and other primitive techniques. After firing you will have a smooth, weather resistant coating much like a glaze.

Can be applied by spraying, dipping or brushing at all stages of construction. Can be fired to any temp but the polished surface will start to break down when fired over Cone 04.