Ritual Gumdrop

Gumdrop Glaze is a brushable pottery glaze that creates gloopy rivulets when thin and large, chunky textures when thick!

Mix thoroughly before use. Apply thickly until hairline cracking appears when drying. Can layer with different colors. The thicker this glaze is applied, the chunkier the outcome.

Note that heavy application will lead to increased shearing on vertical surfaces. Gumdrop does best on horizontal surfaces to avoid any messiness. Use cookies to protect your kiln shelves!

Formulated for a hot cone 5 or cone 6. Can withstand temperatures up to cone 10 for a meltier look. Crawls when underfired.

Conforms to ASTM-D-4236. Non-toxic. Lead free. Formulated durable. Food safe when properly fired, not dinnerware safe.

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