We stock a variety of different styles of firing cones made by Orton Ceramic. These cones are made of a special type of compressed glaze material that melts and bends at specific cone ratings which is a reliable gauge for confirming your firing results. We recommend utilizing 3 cones of varying ratings across your desired target (if target is Cone 5 then you would want to add a Cone 3 and 6 to bracket the target, this would tell you if your kiln over/under fired).

LRB = LARGE – Needs to be supported by a cone plaque or a clay pat.

SRB = SMALL/JUNIOR – Small cones are commonly used in the kiln sitter. The tapered shape allows some flexibility to adjust the shut-off temperature by placing the thinner or thicker portion of the cone under the sensing rod. Small cones can also be used as miniature witness cones when space is limited.

SSB = SELF SUPPORTING – Self Supporting cones DO NOT require mounting in cone plaques, holders or pats. These are the easiest cones to use and what we recommend for use in electric kilns.

BRB = SMALL BAR – Pyrometric Bars are 1 inch (2.54 cm) Long. The uniform shape allows for more consistent control when used in Kiln-Sitter.