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Glassline Chalks may be used to draw on sandblasted glass, previously tack fused Glassline, or on Glassline Paper.

A rough surface using powdered frit will also work with the chalk. Simply dust the glass with powdered frit and either tack fuse to 1250 degrees or use hair spray to hold the frit in place.

The chalks may be used on the top surface or bottom surface of glass and then layered for a dimensional look. Different Glassline chalks may be layered one on top of the other for a blend of colors. Glassline Pens and Chalks may be combined on the same piece.

A charcoal-like drawing may be done with the chalks and then outlined or accented with the Glassline Pen.

Glassline Chalks are best used on opaque glass to assure maximum visibility.

Glassline Chalks are lead free and food safe.


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