3.5″ Square Form

GR Pottery Forms are made from fiber board. This is a type of wood that makes them last for thousands of uses, but make sure you let them dry in between each use. The cut and beveled fiberboard makes them durable and economical.  Easy to use over and over again, giving you a tool to create your personalized shallow objects.  The forms are designed to be shallow so they are more versatile.

The size is determined by the largest measurement of the form itself.  Standard depth is 3/4″.  If you are looking for a deeper option you can use the general rule of if a shape is 1.5″ different in measurement it will stack with the size above or below.

The forms are wood so to make them last for thousands of uses make sure you let them dry in between each use.  The timing of making them and removing the form from the slab is very similar to plaster.  If left on too long your clay will crack, the wood will mold or start to get soft.  Mold can easily be washed off with dish soap and if edges get rough you can use sand paper to smooth them.

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