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Raw Materials products less than a full bag (typically 50lb) will need to be
weighed out on a per order basis.

Local Customers: Plan ahead if you are shopping in-store at our Showroom.
Call your order in 24hrs in advance so we have time to prepare your weigh outs for you.

This is a substitute for C-1 Clay that has not been mined for quite some time.

C-1 clay is a unique, plastic clay with unusually high dry strength, low firing shrinkage and excellent pressing properties. It has superb plastic properties for a wide variety of applications. It is obtained from a large deposit of hydrothermally altered rhyolitic material located in the Mojave Desert of Southern California. It is an ideal material in combination with talc for the production of ceramic wall tile. The unusual plastic properties of C-1 Clay make it suitable for the manufacture of pottery and other ceramic ware by the plastic forming process. Careful selection of materials during mining and the use of a large blended stockpile assure uniformity of composition and quality.


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