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The Original

This is quite possibly the first commercially available Glass Fusing kiln available on the market. Inspired by genius Bullseye Glass co-founder, Boyce Lundstrum, the GP706 became a staple among the early pioneers of glass fusing.

Analog Pyrometer

The GP706 comes with an analog pyrometer that reads the temperature of the kiln chamber in degrees Fahrenheit. Since it is an analog pyrometer (as opposed to digital) it does not require batteries and can be mounted right to the kiln. The Pyrometer comes fully installed on the kiln.

The temperature rate (speed at which the kiln heats up) is controlled by the infinite switch on the kiln. It will take a while to learn the switch settings that create the rate increases you need. It absolutely imperative that you monitor the kiln at all times. When the kiln reaches the temperature you are aiming for you can turn the switch off or you can control the rate of cooling also by using the switch. if all this is too much for you, you may want to upgrade to the HotStart Pro which has a programmable controller.

Plugs Into Household Voltage

Nothing against electricians, but who really enjoys paying to have their house rewired. With the FireBox 14 you take it out of the box, plug it into any spare 120V outlet you have in the house and you are ready to start fusing. Okay, it does need to be a grounded outlet.

Full Coverage Element Design

The element routing pattern in the lid perfectly matches the opening in the chamber with grooves spaces evenly across the lid. What does this mean? It means extremely even heating across your glass, that’s what..

Great for Platters

This kiln will hold up to a 12 inch platter. Can you say dinner ware set? It’s 6 inch depth even allows you to use up to 4″ deep slump molds.

The Warranty

  • Unlike most warranties, ours covers Parts AND Labor.
  • Never Pro-Rated.
  • Serviced by the most extensive, knowledgeable and talented distributor network in the industry.
  • Backed by a company whose mission statement is “We help you make great things”. When your kiln is down, you can’t make great things.

Contents List

Skutt Kilns should arrive fully assembled.

Packed with the kiln you will find the following items:

  • Kiln Stand
  • Operating Manual
  • Stand Feet
  • Pyrometer
  • Peep Plug
 Download a GP-706 1 Phase 115 Volts Product Spec Sheet
GP-706 1 115 15 1725 Cone , 1650 F 0.6 15.00 x 15.00 6.5 12 5-15 29 x 28 x 18 67


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This is such a great place if you are a starving artist who is a clay addict! The employees are so helpful and Marcie and Quinn are great! I love how they have their own line of glazes and clays to choose from. I favor their Whitestone stoneware. It is a finely compounded stoneware with a porcelain appearance and feel, great for throwing on the potters wheel... Y'all should visit this store if you love exceptional quality materials and customer service. Five stars all day!

Cameron B. Gig Harbor, WA