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Clay Art Center, Inc. - Tacoma, WA - 800 952-8030

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Can't find it, just give a call toll free or visit our store at:
Clay Art Center, Inc. - 2636 Pioneer Way East - Tacoma, WA 98404
1-800-952-8030 or 1-253-922-5342  fax 253 922-5349
Business hours 9:00-5:30 Monday-Friday, Saturday 10:00-2:00 Pacific Time Zone

Some items or orders can be shipped using USPS Flat Rate Shipping, please ask for quote.

Monthly Specials For February

Skutt KM-1227-3PK Electric Kiln
Skutt KM-1227-3PK Electric Kiln:
$3,970.00  $3,374.50
Save: 15% off
Skutt KM-1227-3 Electric Kiln
Skutt KM-1227-3 Electric Kiln:
$3,370.00  $2,864.50
Save: 15% off
Skutt KM-1218-3 Electric Kiln
Skutt KM-1218-3 Electric Kiln:
$2,850.00  $2,422.50
Save: 15% off
Skutt KM-1018 Electric Kiln
Skutt KM-1018 Electric Kiln:
$2,300.00  $1,955.00
Save: 15% off

Skutt KM-818-3 Electric Kiln
  Skutt KM-818-3 Electric Kiln:
$1,750.00  $1,487.50
Save: 15% off
Skutt KM-1027-3 Electric Kiln
Skutt KM-1027-3 Electric Kiln:
$2,930.00  $2,490.50
Save: 15% off
Skutt KM-1018-3 Electric Kiln
Skutt KM-1018-3 Electric Kiln:
$2,400.00  $2,040.00
Save: 15% off
VENTMASTER - ORTON VentMaster SYSTEM: VentMaster Motor can be...
$495.00  $371.25
Save: 25% off

B3K119D - CONE ART ROUND KILN: Overview 57...
$1,195.00  $1,015.75
Save: 15% off

Featured Products

Skutt KM-1231-3PK Electric Kiln
Skutt KM-1231-3PK Electric Kiln
$4,085.00  $3,472.25
Save: 15% off
Skutt KM-1627-3PK Electric Kiln
Skutt KM-1627-3PK Oval Electric Kiln
$6,550.00  $5,567.50
Save: 15% off