We are happy to produce custom batches of Clays and Glazes for our customers. We are a full production facility and can utilize our ability to reliably produce in bulk to your benefit to create the materials you need for your high demand project.

With any of our mixing services we strongly urge you to purchase and test from our selection of materials before submitting an order to ensure that your testing aligns with our stock of raw materials.

All responsibility for testing lies with the customer.
All food/dinnerware safety claims are the responsibility of the customer.

If you'd like to get a batch quote for your custom blend please give us a call at 1-800-952-8030 and ask for Quinn or send an email with your recipe to

All recipes are kept confidential and are only mixed for you.


  • Minimum batch size is 1200#
  • Batch size is approximate; yield may vary from 800-1500# and customer is charged for what comes out of the mixer
  • We will inform you of current lead times when you inquire about ordering. Clay is not able to be mixed on demand.


  • Minimum batch size available for testing recipe suitability is 1# (dry)
  • Minimum production batch size is 5# (dry)
  • Please ensure your recipe utilizes the raw materials we source/stock for continuity
  • We can also mix any of our CAC dry glazes into dipping glazes for you