Frequently Asked Questions


Q: What countries do you ship to?
A: We ship to North America which includes the United States, Canada and US Territories serviced by USPS. Shipping internationally (even Canada) is prohibitively expensive (even small orders can cost $50 or more to ship), we require a per order quote request for orders outside of the United States.

Q: I placed my order online, when can I expect it?
A: We do our best to ship items in a timely fashion. Most shipped orders (USPS/UPS) will leave our facility within 5 business days depending on order volume and stock limitations. Depending on which shipping method you choose and location of delivery it could take anywhere from 2 days to 2 weeks to receive your packages once they leave our facility. If tracking information is available we will provide it to you. If you order a large amount of clay with USPS shipping we will often stagger the shipment to spare your postal carrier's back.

Q: I live in Hawaii/Alaska can you ship clay via USPS Flat Rate Boxes?
A: This is our preferred method of shipping clay within the contiguous United States.

Q: How is shipping calculated?
A: We pull retail rates directly from USPS for use at checkout. Additionally we have flat rates set for certain products such as clay, dry glazes. We will notify you about any additional shipping costs that may need to be charged to your account.

Q: Can you ship using my UPS account number?
A: Typically this isn't an issue. We need for you to call your order in to 800-952-8030 if this is your preferred method of paying for shipping costs.



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