Safety Data Sheets (SDS)

You'll find Safety Data Sheets (SDS) information for all clays and glazes produced by Clay Art Center here. For products made by brands we distribute please visit their corresponding SDS pages on their sites which we have linked below:


SDS GL200 PZN 3.5 Clear

SDS GL201 PZN White

SDS GL203 Arctic White

SDS GL204 GN Matte

SDS GL206 LA Matte

SDS GL208 T1 Clear

SDS GL209 Allspice

SDS GL210 Cinnamon

SDS GL211 Nutmeg

SDS GL212 Stellar Rust

SDS GL213 Vanilla Spice

SDS GL214 Iridescent Green

SDS GL215 Iridescent Blue

SDS GL217 Floating Blue

SDS GL218 Plum Red

SDS GL219 Ketchup

SDS GL220 Crocus

SDS GL221 Blue Hare's Fur

SDS GL222 Tidepool

SDS GL223 Black Cherry

SDS GL224 Amber Teadust

SDS GL225 Caribbean

SDS GL226 Opal Sky

SDS GL227 Shore Break

SDS GL227 Shorebreak

SDS GL228 Stormy Night

 SDS GL401 Blue Grey

SDS GL402 Sandy Tan

SDS GL403 Black

SDS GL404 Grey Brown

SDS GL405 Blue Green

SDS GL406 Dark Blue

SDS GL407 Turquoise

SDS GL408 Cola Green

SDS GL409 Dark Green

SDS GL410 Tan Green

SDS GL411 Off White

SDS GL412 Milky Clear

SDS GL413 White

SDS GL414 Light Blue

SDS GL416 Yellow

SDS GL417 Hazelnut Brown

SDS GL418 Charcoal Grey

SDS GL419 Yellow Green

SDS GL420 Teal Blue

SDS GL421 Powder Blue

SDS GL422 Hunter Green

SDS GL423 Blue Fade

SDS GL600 Frost Satin Clear

SDS GL601 Linen

SDS GL602 Raven

SDS GL603 Smoke

SDS GL604 Pistachio

SDS GL605 Fern

SDS GL606 Tamarack

SDS GL607 Cantaloupe

SDS GL608 Cherry Blossom

SDS GL610 Denim

SDS GL611 Ruby

SDS GL612 Eggplant

SDS GL800 Periwinkle

SDS GL801 Jade

SDS GL802 Weathered Bronze

SDS GL803 Forest Green

SDS GL804 Sapphire

SDS GL805 Coal

SDS GL806 Chalk

SDS GL900 Blue Mist

SDS GL901 Emerald Mist

SDS GL902 Sea Green

SDS GL904 Khaki

SDS GL905 Sienna

SDS GL906 Basalt

SDS GL908 Cornflower Blue

SDS GL914 Bone

SDS GL916 Blue Violet

SDS GL918 Candy Red

SDS GL919 Ivory

SDS GL919 Sandy

SDS GLP01 Sorbet

SDS GLP02 Light Crimson Glaze

SDS GLP02 Light Crimson

SDS GLP03 Peach

SDS GLP04 Garnet

SDS GLP05 Ravens Brown

SDS GLP06 Golden Ambrosia

SDS GLP08 Celadon Green

SDS GLP09 Florentine Green

SDS GLP10 French Green

SDS GLP11 Peacock Green

SDS GLP12 Ultramarine Blue

SDS GLP13 Pacific Blue

SDS GLP14 Dark Teal

SDS GLP15 Blue Bonnet

SDS GLP16 Light Blue

SDS GLP17 Orchid

SDS GLP18 Mulberry

SDS GLP19 Wisteria

SDS GLP20 Light Bright Yellow

SDS GLP21 Papaya

SDS GLP22 Sagebrush Celadon

SDS GLP23 Cadet Blue

SDS GLP24 Black Magic

SDS GLP25 Sunset Red

SDS GLP26 Tangerine Orange

SDS GLP27 Dark Cobalt

SDS GLP28 Clover Green

SDS GLP29 Evergreen

SDS GLP30 Teal

SDS GLP32 Summer Green

SDS GLP33 Merlot

SDS GLP34 Slate Grey

SDS GLP35 Dove Grey

SDS GLP36 Blue Ice

If you cannot find a SDS for a specific product, please contact us!

They are top-notch in product, service, and prices. I have been to other pottery supply stores in the northwest and in other areas. Clay Art is more than head and shoulders above them. Clay Art has everything I need and it is organized. Whether I am there in person, or long-distance (I live 5 hours away) calling on the phone, they take the time to educate me and answer my questions patiently.

Their integrity is high: they don't try to sell me the most expensive thing; they find out my needs and sell me the right thing -- or suggest something I already have that would work. Their crew are excellent.

I wish all stores, ceramic supply or otherwise, would offer such a great balance of product, service and prices.

Karen K. Sisters, OR