Skutt - Ceramic Kilns

Clay Art Center in Tacoma, WA is a certified distributor of Skutt electric kilns and we firmly believe in the ingenuity and craftmanship put into the design of these electric kilns. Skutt is located in Portland, Oregon and has been producing and improving their line of kilns since 1953.

The Kilnmaster controller and the new Wi-Fi enabled KMT controllers make firing a breeze and the tight manufacturing standards for Skutt kilns and elements make this a reliable choice for a long term investment in your craft. You can build out a quote for the kiln of your dreams or you can always give us a call if you have questions or are unsure about what kiln is right for you.

We also carry many replacement parts for Skutt kilns and our Skutt certified repair technicians can service or repair your kiln for you or provide you with the correct parts to do the job yourself.

Skutt kilns are currently BUILT TO ORDER. Even though our site says kilns are out of stock you can still order them in the configuration of your choice and we will contact you to take a deposit and place the order with Skutt for you.