About Clay Art Center

Founded on the principles of trust, respect, and impeccable customer service, Clay Art Center has the distinguished honor of being the first clay company online.

Operating out of our Tacoma warehouse and showroom, we’ve been a business-that-feels-like-family since the 70’s, and that has kept our history, and our stories, alive. We have grown into one of the largest ceramic shops on the West Coast, with an inventory of more than 10,000 items.

Clay Art Center Tacoma Washington

Despite how much we’ve grown, our primary focus has always been customer service, and we find that’s what really sets us apart. Since most of our staff are also working potters and ceramicists, we’re all fairly immersed in the latest information and technology, and as a group, our highest goal is connecting the customer to the right product.  

Our passion is finding ways to get more people involved in what they love, and we encourage continually learning about the craft. Our legacy is to leave the world more beautiful than we found it - through empowering our customers to make the art that their hearts desire.

Some of our favorite customer projects have been DIY Pizza Ovens (mobile pizza ovens), outdoor structures, forges for glass blowing and fusing, and of course, we love our nonprofit partners and we’re so happy to be involved with art in education programs in schools all over the country.

Owner, Quinn Bougher

Quinn Bougher purchased CAC in July, 2017 from original owners Joe and Kim. He brought with him a fresh perspective the complemented the original philosophy of treating the customer like family. Quinn learned the ropes as a production potter in Alaska - he was a glaze tech, and learned the ins and outs of kiln repair.


Clay Art Center in Tacoma - Under New Management

by Washington Clay Arts' Elinor Maroney, January 04, 2018