Wheel & Equipment Repair

Parts availability and also labor shortages are impacting our ability to get kilns serviced in a timely fashion.

We offer repair services for all brands of Pottery Wheels and other Equipment. We utilize OEM parts and maintain stock of many common components. We can even source parts if you would like to handle the repair work on your own!

The most common equipment repairs we see:

  • Foot switch issues on wheels
  • Belt/Drive issues on wheels
  • Splash pan replacement
  • Cable replacement on Brent slab rollers
  • Motor replacement on mixers

We can fix most ceramics equipment with our decades of knowledge and experience. Give us a call at 80-952-8030 and let's get your gear back up and running!

Current repair rates:

  • Labor and Drive Time $100/hr
  • Diagnostics $50
  • Parts are priced at Retail rates

If you have equipment that needs serviced please send photos of the equipment and it's info badge (has details regarding model #, serial #, voltage/amperage/wattage) to quinn@clayartcenter.net to start the repair process.
Please no equipment drop offs unless approved beforehand