CAC Paper Clays

Clay Art Center produces a selection of Paper Clays using the formulation developed and licensed by Rosette Gault. Paper Clays are typical moist clays with the addition of paper pulp which adds more working strength allowing to build bigger and taller without flops, much more forgiving with drying conditions, moisture is very evenly distributed throughout the clay and additionally it allows you to make attachments at any stage. Most commonly used in sculptural projects but perfectly usable for other projects. Please note that Paper Clay has a tendency to mold in the bag which is considered normal. Also when firing the body will smoke until all organics (paper) is burned out.

We ship clays exclusively via USPS Flat Rate, 2 25# BAGS of clay will fit in a single Large Flat Rate Box and we can ship to Hawaii/Alaska for the same price as shipping local. Local delivery (1000lb minimum) and freight are additional options for larger orders.