Skutt Pottery Wheels

Skutt Wheels have a whole new LOOK and FEEL!
Skutt is proud to announce our upgraded pottery wheel line, with a fresh new look, even better performance, and a 10 year parts AND labor warranty as serious as the people who use them. Intelligent design is part of what we do to stay true to our mission statement, “We Help You Make Great Things.” Our new red wheels speak to this vision with Skutt’s continued commitment to exceptional engineering, quality, and customer service.

Whether you’re a production-level potter, seasoned hobbyist, classroom educator, or totally new to the art and craft of ceramics, our wheels are made with you in mind. Our industry-leading potter’s wheels feature a convenient removeable wheel head, along with the largest and only one-piece, leak-free splash pan available. Our new foot pedal technology allows for smoother transitions, giving ceramic artists the ability to express themselves with fine-tuned control. And the  SSX controller offers even smoother and quieter operation.

Many wheels are currently available by SPECIAL ORDER ONLY. We do try to keep some wheels on hand in our warehouse so please give us a call during normal business hours to do a stock check. Even though our site says these products are out of stock you can still order them in the configuration of your choice and we will contact you to take a deposit and place the order with the manufacturer for you.