Glassline Bubble Color Pens

Glassline Bubble Pens are a lining and shading material for glass. They are simple in design, easy to use and are water based.

Glassline Bubble Pens are formulated to be used between layers of glass. When sandwiched between glass, the lines will develop a colored line made up of many micro bubbles. A metal tip set is highly recommended to achieve these fine lines. The tip set consists of one each of the following size tips: bold, medium, and fine. These tips are placed on the end of the applicator bottle to achieve a variety of line widths.

To further your creative edge Glassline may be sprayed through an airbrush. Simply thin with a small amount of water and spray onto the glass. This allows you to apply a smooth coating without any brush strokes. Once the Glassline has dried you can scratch areas off exposing the color of the glass.

Glassline is compatible with most types of glass from Float to COE 90 and 96. While best fired from 1450-1500 degrees it may be fired lower or higher depending upon your desired results.

The fourteen Glassline Bubble Pens are available individualy or as Champagne Kit GB15 which includes all fourteen colors and a three piece tip set. Glassline Bubble Pens are lead free and food safe.