This is such a great place if you are a starving artist who is a clay addict! The employees are so helpful and Marcie and Quinn are great! I love how they have their own line of glazes and clays to choose from. I favor their Whitestone stoneware. It is a finely compounded stoneware with a porcelain appearance and feel, great for throwing on the potters wheel... Y'all should visit this store if you love exceptional quality materials and customer service. Five stars all day!

Cameron B. Gig Harbor, WA

This store is smaller than I'd expected. However, it did offer a few items that were not available at the other two larger pottery supply stores I visited in the past 24 hours! The staff person I dealt with was easy going and very helpful.
There is a wide variety of mason stains, plastic leaf shaped reliefs (I regret not having bought one!), and really economical, alternative wheel bats made from ware boards (will test these out asap!)! Definitely worth the stop and will keep this shop in mind next time we're in the area.

Eatwell E. Vancouver, Canada

Wonderful store with lots to offer. Many unique hand tools available and stamps.

Anonymous Auburn, WA

This store has incredible underglazes for pottery illustration. I also adore their xTra white lowfire earthenware, and their seward terracotta is bar-none the best and most versatile terracotta I've ever used. It has a really good temperature shock resistance for when its cooling in the kiln--I 've not had one piece crack! 🙂 The only small critique I have is that they don't carry a lot of artsy lowfire overglazes. I wish they did, because I know they'd sell! 🙂 Amaco Artist Choice 'n Opalescents, guys! 🙂 Oh, the staff is so awesome, too! Really knowledgable and helpful. A great store all-round. Oh, their craftstools are super reasonably priced, and so are their kiln shelves!! Best prices around! 🙂

Sarah A. Cheney, WA

They have great product that works well together. I especially like their own brand of glazes. Makes me feel good.

David M. Shelton, WA

I live in Portland and Clay Art is still my choice for ceramic supplies. Friendly, honest, knowledgeable and they deliver! A potters dream really. Confused about something technical? Call and ask. Way superior to Georgies. Ask anyone.

C. M. Portland, OR

They are top-notch in product, service, and prices. I have been to other pottery supply stores in the northwest and in other areas. Clay Art is more than head and shoulders above them. Clay Art has everything I need and it is organized. Whether I am there in person, or long-distance (I live 5 hours away) calling on the phone, they take the time to educate me and answer my questions patiently.

Their integrity is high: they don't try to sell me the most expensive thing; they find out my needs and sell me the right thing -- or suggest something I already have that would work. Their crew are excellent.

I wish all stores, ceramic supply or otherwise, would offer such a great balance of product, service and prices.

Karen K. Sisters, OR

This is an awesome wholesale craft and art supply center. They carry so many different types and colors of clay. Yu have to buy in bulk, but prics are amazing and the staff is very friendly and helpful. Cool mosaic outside the front door too!

Nick D. Puyallup, WA

Fast friendly service every time. I called Friday for a thermocouple and by Monday I was firing my kiln. In house service for your equipment is reliable and quick. I don’t bother to price things I need anymore because Clay Art has the best prices.

Rudy B.

Extremely helpful when I called about a kiln repair problem. Walked this newbie through clearly and concisely. Always excellent customer service.

Molly W.

Just received my new Skutt 1227-km kiln delivered and set up! Thank you Quinn for the outstanding service! If You are looking for kilns, wheels, clay or tools this is the place to go! I have purchased all my supplies from clay art center for the last 10 years! They have everything from low fire to high fire, and The best clay in the US!

Tammy S.

This is my go-to shop for supplies. The folks here are always available to help me with technical questions. Thanks for offering terrific service and a wealth of knowledge!

Stephanie M.

What more can I say...the absolute best folks you will ever find in the business! I could not do what I do without them, and neither could my students! THANKS you guys!

encer Ebbinga Arts

Love these guys, by far one of my favorite places to shop! Joe and everyone who work there are amazing people. I will go out of their way to share their expansive knowledge of all things clay and ceramics.

Jenifer D.