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A very black smooth clay body striking in appearance. CAC produces a similar body called Plum Black that will perform comparably.

For best results we recommend a fully oxidized (remove all peeps) bisque fire to Cone 04 to fully burn out organics and a glaze firing that does not exceed Cone 5 or bloating may occur. Please use witness cones in your firings to confirm Cone. Manganese off gasses during firing so ensure your firing space is properly ventilated and that safety precautions have been taken.

Curious about Manganese in your clay body? Check out this technical information from Digitalfire regarding Manganese in clay bodies:

Cone: 5
Clay Type: Stoneware
Wet Color: Red/Brown
Oxidation Color: Black
Reduction Color: n/a
Texture: Medium Smooth
Shrinkage: 14.5%
Absorption: 0.5%


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