Types of Terra Sigillata: We are offering several different colors of terra sigillata which can be used to create an extremely wide range of effects. Our basic mix is a white ball clay. Used alone it is a beautiful satiny white. Mason stains and other colorants can be added to give a wide range of colors. Use between 3 and 10%. To eliminate weighing use 1/2 or 1 full standard Mason sample pack per pint of terra sigillata. We are also offering a red clay terra sigillata made from Red Art and a tan terra sigillata made from Gold Art. The white, red and tan slips can be intermixed to yield different tones.

Application and Firing: Terra sigillata can be applied by spraying, dipping or brushing at all stages of construction. Apply several coats and burnish or simply polish with your hands or a soft cloth when damp/dry to the touch. Polish between coats for the glossiest surfaces. Terra sigillata can be fired at any temperature but the polished surface will start to break down when fired over cone 04. Use as a slip/engobe up to cone 10 and above.


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