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Used for shaping, smoothing and trimming pottery shapes. The steel scrapers (S#) are made from thin flexible spring stainless steel. The S11S and S12 are slightly heavier gauge steel, making them somewhat stiffer. The aluminum scrapers (SA#) are made from a high-strength aircraft alloy that is much more rigid. The rigid scrapers can also be used as a squeegee to remove excess water from pottery shapes.

Steel scrapers
KTS1, steel scraper, 4 5/8″
KTS3, steel scraper, 4″
KTS4, steel scraper, 3 7/8″
KTS6, steel scraper, 4″
KTS10, steel scraper, 3 3/4″

Heavier gauge steel scrapers:
KTS11, steel scraper, 6”
KTS11S, steel scraper, 6”
KTS12, steel scraper, 6″

Aluminum scrapers:
SA4, aluminum Scraper, 3 7/8”
SA10, aluminum Scraper, 3 3/4″


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