Vivid Vibrant Color, economically priced – that’s our commitment to you. You deserve consistent performance each time you use and repurchase an underglaze. Mayco’s Fundamentals – developed by our ceramic engineer, manufactured under stringent QC standards, and tested by our staff artists for color consistency, usability, and performance on various clay bodies and firing temperatures – are as consistent and versatile as any underglaze you would want for your artwork.

MAIN image is fired to Cone 06.

GALLERY image is fired to Cone 6

General Use: Shake well. Apply to wet clay, greenware, or cone 04 bisque; use for design or solid coverage, firing range from cone 06 to cone 10. To intensify color or for use on dinnerware, apply clear or matte clear glaze. For use on clay or greenware, apply and allow to dry. Fire to shelf cone 04. If desired, apply clear glaze and refire to cone 06-05 for earthenware and cone 5-10 for stoneware (999° C–1285 °C). For use on bisque, apply to cone 04 bisque, apply clear glaze if desired and refire earthenware to cone 06 and cone 5-10 for stoneware. Do not spray apply.

Apply 3 coats for opacity; fewer for design. Can be thinned for water-color effect. Apply to bisque, wet clay or greenware. Color can be applied with brush or sponge. Use in sgraffito, majolica, spatter or burnishing techniques. Intermixable for custom colors. Apply matte or gloss clear glaze to intensify color or for use with dinnerware.

Check each product label for cone 10 results.

Underglazes can be used directly from the jar,but should be put out onto a tile to avoid possible contamination of the remaining product in the jar. Make sure the consistency is like melted ice cream. Apply to greenware, clay or bisque. Lightly dampening the ware with a moistened sponge before painting allows better adhesion to the ware.

Heat Work is Good:  If cone 06 does not develop the color you want – go hotter. We recommend cone 03-04 – some artists go even hotter. Fundamentals can take the extra heat work – push them to get the vibrancy you need.

Co-fire with Clear:  Fundamentals can be co-fired with clear glaze in a single firing. This time-saver can be valuable for those in a classroom setting. Out-gassing can trap bubbles or create craters – adding a 15 minute hold will fix most surface issues.

Primer Coat:   Dry greenware can be very absorbent and draw in color too quickly, resulting in surface issues. You may find that applying a water-thinned first coat as a primer improves your fired surface results.

Painter-Friendly:  Mix colors to create something new; use brushstrokes to blend and create shading; layer them without concern of intermixing – great for Majolica – add thin lines and details with confidence as Fundamentals will NOT move.

Burnishing/Polishing: This technique is achieved by buffing the opaque underglaze while it is still damp. Using a soft cloth, briskly polish a 2-3 inch circular area. Avoid applying too much pressure – otherwise ,you’ll remove the glaze. After you notice a slight sheen develop, move onto another area until the entire surface has been buffed. If desired – buff the entire piece to intensify the level of shine.


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