The Shape 0 is our smallest rib shape and one of our bestsellers. The traditional kidney shape of this potter’s rib is the most universally recognized clay tool. This little rib can get into tight places and is good for detail work.

Shape 1 is a traditional kidney-shaped rib, probably the most universally recognized pottery tool. It fits well in the hand and is useful for sculpting, hand building and throwing clay. Shape 1 is not too big, not too small. It’s just right.

Shape 2 is a workhorse for throwing, smoothing and compressing. In the Mudtools family, this shape was one of the firstborn in the tool series.

Sometimes you have to make a point. The corner point on the Shape 4 gives a beautiful line on the clay. This tool also offers two flat surfaces and three radiuses.

Shape 5 is the same traditional kidney shape as Shapes 0 and 1, only bigger. It offers more surface coverage, which makes them great for smoothing a slab of clay.

Here is a rib that stands firm. Made of a heavier grade stainless steel, Shape 7 has less flexibility than some of the other ribs. The blunt end is good for carving away material or removing waste clay on the wheel.

Our Small Bowl Rib is designed to give as many radius sweeps on the clay as possible. With a smaller curve in the front and a bigger curve in the back, this is a workhorse of a rib. The Small Bowl Rib will become an indispensable tool, particularly if you love throwing round forms.


All of the Mudtools stainless steel ribs are all made of cutlery-grade stainless steel and have varying flexibility among the tool styles.


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