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Extruding has never been easier! Peter Pugger introduces the latest in extruding technology. With new patented vacuum dearing capability, the VPE-8SS studio power extruder eliminates the issues that are inherent with traditional manual wall extruders and air assisted power extruders. With hands free control, sealed extruding chamber and plenty of force to extrude even the toughest shapes (large or small), Peter Pugger’s new VPE-8SS is the solution to those challenging projects.

Stainless Steel: Plunger plate of stainless steel, along with a stainless steel extruding chamber ensures rust-free clay processing.

Large Hopper: The oversized hopper door allows for easy loading of up to 50 lbs. of clay per batch.

Pugmill Output: Switch to PUG after a batch is completely mixed, and the Power Wedger unloads itself in the form of 3″ diameter deaired logs.

Sealed Chamber: Here in our Northern California Factory, each pugmill casting has precision CNC machined o-ring grooves incorporated into them which allows the VPE-8SS to effectively store moist clay indefinitely! No other extruder on the market provides this level of precision when it comes to properly sealing all extruder surfaces.

Extruder Output: Switch to EXTRUDE after a batch is loaded and the Power Extruder will begin extruding material using hand or foot operated controls.

Stainless Steel Construction: The Power Extruder main chamber, hydraulic push rod plate and nozzle are made of stainless steel to ensure clay processing without corrossion. Aluminum main chamber, hydraulic push rod plate and nozzle option is available.

Vacuum Deaired: Entire batch can be thoroughly deaired by starting the vacuum pump once batch has been loaded. Air is removed from around “clay chunks” leaving an air-free, high quality product.

Variable Speed: Variable speed allows the operator to control the speed of the motor, thus the speed of the extrusion. This control is especially useful when extruding small objects through dies attached to the nozzle.

Hand and Foot Operation: The Power Extruder can be operated using hand or foot pedal controls.

Rapid Retract: Once the complete batch of material has been extruded, switch to “RAPID RETRACT” to quickly bring the cylinder head back into position for reloading.

Safety: The power extruder is interlocked for safe loading and maintenance. Load a full batch, close the lid and turn it on-this eliminates exposure to moving components. The machine shuts off automatically when the lid is opened.

Cleaning: With the removal of four bolts, the entire extruding chamber can be accessed so it can be conveniently cleaned out. Cleaning is necessary only to avoid cross contamination. Since the machines are completely sealed, moist clay can be stored indefinitely without drying out.

  • Maximum Batch Capacity*: 50 pounds
  • Operational PSI:  1200-2000psi
  • Dimensions: 61.25″L x 16″W x 21″H (Horizontal Version)
  • Hopper Door Size: 5 1/4″ x 5 1/4″
  • Extrusion Size: Multiple configurations avail.
  • Hydraulics/Electrical: 1/2 HP 1-phase, 8 amps at 120 volts, 4 amps at 240V
  • Vacuum Pump: 1/2 HP, 3 amps at 120 volts, 2 amps at 240V
  • Extrusion Chamber: 8″ x 27.86″ Stainless Steel
  • Cylinder: 3″ x 24″ Stroke
  • Crated Weight:  320lbs. (Horizontal)  90lbs. (Power Pack)
  • Additional Equipment:  Vertical Stand (optional), Foot Pedal Control (optional)


  • Variable Speed Control: Yes
  • Vertical Stand (See Accessories): Optional
  • Extrusion Dies (See Accessories): Optional
  • Tile Nozzle Compatible: Optional
  • Foot Pedal Controls: Optional
  • Pug Cutter (See Accessories): Optional
  • Cutting System: Optional
  • Temperature Controls: Optional
  • Safety Lock Out: Optional
  • Vacuum System: Yes
  • 120V Electrical Availability: Yes
  • 208-240 Electrical Availability: Optional
  • 3 Phase Electrical Availability: Optional
  • 60HZ Electrical Availability: Yes
  • 50HZ Electrical Availability: Optional


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This is such a great place if you are a starving artist who is a clay addict! The employees are so helpful and Marcie and Quinn are great! I love how they have their own line of glazes and clays to choose from. I favor their Whitestone stoneware. It is a finely compounded stoneware with a porcelain appearance and feel, great for throwing on the potters wheel... Y'all should visit this store if you love exceptional quality materials and customer service. Five stars all day!

Cameron B. Gig Harbor, WA